Programme: SDP 2014

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Day Session 1 Session 2 Lunch Session 3 Additional Sessions Other
Sunday 06/07/2014 Early evening drinks for arriving students
Monday 07/07/2014 Welcome and Introductions. IT induction. Mark Graham: Internet Geographies: Data Shadows and Digital Divisions of Labour Lunch Student Research Seminars Rebecca Eynon: Methods/Tools 1: Ethics in Internet Research Welcome Dinner
Tuesday 08/07/2014 Student Research Seminars Joint session with Annenberg-Oxford media policy Summer Institute: Ryan Heath, Spokesperson for Neelie Kroes, VP, European Commission Lunch Joint session with Annenberg-Oxford media policy Summer Institute: The realpolitik of digital agenda-setting in Europe
Wednesday 09/07/2014 Rebecca Eynon: Towards Conceptualising Learning and Interaction in MOOCs Joss Wright: Global Censorship Analysis Lunch Student Research Seminars Taha Yasseri: Methods/Tools 2: Agent-based Modelling
Thursday 10/07/2014 Caroline Bassett: Are There Too Many Things?: Gender and New Media Kathryn Eccles: Digital Humanities Lunch Student Research Seminars Free time (Group Legacy Project) Bill Spectre Ghost Tour (19:00)
Friday 11/07/2014 Stefaan Verhulst: Towards a Distributed Approach to Internet Governance Ralph Schroeder: Social Theory after the Internet Lunch Student Presentations (13:15-15:15) SDP Alumni Presentations (15:30-16:30)
Saturday 12/07/2014
Sunday 13/07/2014 Punting and Picnic
Monday 14/07/2014 Eric Meyer, Ralph Schroeder: Big Data and the Future of Knowledge Jonathan Bright: Collecting Social Media Data with the Python Programming Language Lunch Student Research Seminars
Tuesday 15/07/2014 Greg Taylor: Theoretical Modelling Luciano Floridi: Transdiegetic information: what it is and why it matters Lunch Student Research Seminars Free Time (Group Legacy Project)
Wednesday 16/07/2014 Student Presentations (09.15-11.15) Bernie Hogan: Cultures of Me: Considering the digital selves across media and identity (11:30-13:00) Lunch Ian Walden: Privacy, Data Protection and Cloud Computing (14:00-15:30) Eric Meyer: Methods/Tools 3: Online Ethnography Traditional English Sports Day, University Parks (17:30)
Thursday 17/07/2014 Kristin Eschenfelder, Kalpana Shankar: Tales from the Field, Reflections on a Studying Data Archives across Time, Technologies and Continents Matt Zook: Making Sense of Geosocial Media: Asking Questions and Escaping Mental Ruts Lunch Student Research Seminars Free Time (Group Legacy Project) DHOxSS Public Lecture
Friday 18/07/2014 CVs, publishing, and job-hunting Lunch Student Research Seminars Legacy Project Review / Final Feedback Final Dinner
Saturday 19/07/2014 Students Depart